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Scavenger Hunt: River Walk Style

Looking for a fun team activity to do while exploring the famous San Antonio River Walk? Then our scavenger hunt is just what you need! Each team will have a bag with a Polaroid camera, a list of questions and a map of downtown San Antonio. The teams will race to figure out the clues to the next location. Once they reach the correct spot, they follow directions to write a response, take a picture or do something to ensure they were there. The first team who works together to find every spot on the list wins! Explore all the River Walk has to offer with a fun experience.

We provide a variety of team building exercises to fit the needs of your specific group. Examples of other activities include:

Texas Style Cowboy Olympics

Interested in something completely unique for your team? A Texas-style olympics may suit your fancy.  With activities like the mechanical bull, cow chip frisbee throw and learning how to quickdraw a gun and lasso a calf, your team is sure to have a great time partnered with Texas flare. By the time they’re done, ‘howdy’ may be part of their vocabulary.

Geohunt 2014!

Imagine your group split into teams of 5 players, all competing to complete missions in the most ingenious, daring, and creative ways possible.  Using a GPS, team members will work together to solve a puzzle or complete a mission.  Fast moving, original, team building, and most of all FUN!

To Build a Village (Tee-Pee Build)

This team building event was developed specifically to accent the history and culture found in the Texas Hill Country.  Not only is it FUN, but it will develop strengths within the organization, tear down silos between individuals and cliques, and develop organizational and communication skills!

F5 Car Build and Race Off

This activity is sure to tickle any car enthusiasts fancy.  Teams of three to eight people join together to build, promote, and ultimately race a Professional R.C. Car with speeds capable of 50 plus MPH!  Cheer your favorite team on as they race against other teams until only the winner remains!

Drum Cafe Team Building

Work together as a team to learn the musical element of the drum as you work as a team to drum in unison and create a musical masterpiece. A musical background is not required as your team will transform and easily understand the difference between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ sounds.

Paintball Team Building

Team building is taken to a new level with our innovative “pursuit games”.  Working together, teams will compete in a paintball course as they enjoy games like Capture the Flag, Protect the President, Power-Ball and Elimination. They’ll learn valuable lessons in problem solving and protecting their team members in this fun experience.

Jeopardy Type Game Show

Lockout puts up to four contestants in a live, fast moving television game show atmosphere.  It comes complete with buzzers, digital score keeping, an audio sound system and a professional game show host.

Chopped Kitchen

Welcome to… CHOPPED KITCHEN!  A diabolical blend of two popular “Food Network” shows, “Chopped” and “Cutthroat Kitchen”. Teams will reach deep into their creative minds to solve a series of culinary challenges while trying to create a tasty masterpiece in REAL Texas B-B-Q sauce! FIRE IT UP!

Rocket Challenge (Ranch Only)

Young or old, male or female, the fascination with air travel is equaled only by our fascination with speed. Fire it up rocket challenge provides them BOTH! An adrenalin charged team building experience that is totally original and loaded with challenges that suit both the physical and mental ability of the participants.

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